Vanish Stretch-Marks For FREE! TonyaTko Tutorial All Natural Shea Butter Secret

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This video will teach you my special secret to make stretchmarks disappear & get rid of them for good with all natural products. Follow the instructions. It worked for me. Let me know in 6mos your results. You can buy the 100% all natural raw shea butter Write all questions below Come to my website http After numerous requests I’ve made this tutorial. Let me know how it works. Thanks Loofah Sponges are sold everywhere but are extremely cheap in the middle east (perhaps bcz of the red sea) Shea butter… every country should have a part of town where Africans shop… go down there for the shea butter. Olive oil? Should be sold all over the world, the cheapest I have found is in Greece. Go out on the hunt you will discover things you never knew before. TonyaTko Distributed by Tubemogul.

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25 Responses to “Vanish Stretch-Marks For FREE! TonyaTko Tutorial All Natural Shea Butter Secret”

  1. TonyaTko Says:

    @CoffySarai Would you mind telling me where you got your loofah? If you got it from me I will send you another FREE of charge. Pure Egyptian Loofah provides the Most comprehensive exfoliations I have ever physically witnessed in all my years of travel. The one you get from target, or the plastic puffs, or sea sponges. Different story. But Pure loofah? Doesnt get any better than that! It is THE Best 🙂

    holla bk


  2. CoffySarai Says:


    Well for me, the loofah that I had didn’t really provide the exfoliation I needed. I had far better results doing the dry skin brushing first. Not trying to dispute the usefulness of a loofah sponge, but I wanted to throw that out there for those who may want another exfoliation option before using your shea butter mixture. Ciao

  3. TonyaTko Says:

    @CoffySarai There probably aren’t many people who wont find the loofah exfoliating enough… Pure natural loofah provides a wonderful, thorough and comprehensive scrub.


  4. CoffySarai Says:

    Excellent video!! Thank you so much Tanya!!!!

    Also for those who dont find the loofah exfoliating enough….purchase a Tampico skin brush and brush your skin while it’s dry before taking a shower/bath. It’s a great way to remove dead skin and prepares it for cleaning and moisturizing

  5. flavorfulgirlstuff Says:

    Thank you so much!! You seriously made my life waaayyy better just now =DD
    Will just olive oil work??

  6. LisaKaella Says:

    I love you, lol that sounds creepy since you don’t even kow me, but you just make me feel so happy, you just have such a positive energy, really great personality too..

    A question I have is, where can I get the pure African shea butter from? I live in Australia..

    Thanks.. 🙂

  7. axlfoleyfanatic Says:

    TonyaTKO , How wide were your stretch marks and were most of them a silverey color ?


  8. lilipompom5 Says:

    thank you for the tips

  9. jordonanna Says:

    I love you!!! your a life saver!!!

  10. TonyaTko Says:

    @frodobaggypants Cocoa butter DIDNT work on my stretch marks… nor many of the other people who have told me they tried using cocoa butter… but if it works for you I would love for you to report back.

    If not, you can always use my Body Butter Beautiful to get rid of stretch marks, THAT I KNOW Works… the derma roller & CB I cant vouch for.


  11. frodobaggypants Says:

    Hey tonya just had a quick question im a 21 year old male and when i was about 17 i started working out alot and doing alot of lifting as i started packing on muscle i noticed stretch marks but i didnt stop becuase i didnt think that guys could get them and had no education in that area. Ive been using cocoa butter and the derma roller to do what i can to get rid of them but my question is, is this stuff legit i mean will it get rid of them completly or if not what percentage in your opinion. T

  12. TonyaTko Says:

    @randomnesstothemax1 If you go to the website you can see the pictures of a woman who had a baby who used the cream, loofah and soap on marks that are as old as her 8 yr old daughter… so if they can work on her, I definitely feel secure it will work for YOU 🙂


  13. randomnesstothemax1 Says:

    Just a really quick question, I’m 14 and I’ve basically had problems with stretch marks since I was 8. They’re mostly on my hips, shoulders and breast and they’re white-ish, but the thing is I have naturally tanned skin so they stand out. Will this work on mine or is it just for fresh stretch marks? I would really like to know because they’re bringing me down and I’m tired of it. Thank you!

  14. michaelabaer95 Says:

    Put clothes on!

  15. 36shima36 Says:


  16. 1raychel4 Says:

    i know this is an old video but i heard about you & i was wondering if it would work on light skinned girls? im white & have purple and pink kinda stretch marks from getting pregnant. im only 17 & i hate them!! ive been trying it for a week now & my skkin feels better but i havent gotten results yet.. i also use coconut oil, joba oil, argan oil & vitamen e.

  17. l2kgotrice Says:

    Dumb nigger

  18. TheYAnni97 Says:

    same thing is happening to me right now! im 13!

  19. TonyaTko Says:

    @lessthicklo Hello Darlin…Go to the website TkoSkin and look up the Body Butter Beautiful, you can read about the different oils in that. I chose the strongest and best oils which work in combination with each other to give you the best & fastest healing results which work well together, dries fast & smells great. Choose any (or all) of the oils from that list & go for it! 🙂

    PS. Plz make sure you use the best oils. Organic is best. Some ohter oil extracting processes leave chemicals


  20. xCxExYxLxAxNx Says:

    @lessthicklo You can mix it with whatever you like. If you are using the pure shea butter you will still get stretch mark reduction, it just might not be as fast as it would be combined with other oils. Try mixing it with pure vitamin E oil aswel that will ive it a good boost. Plus, I think shea butter already contains vitamin E.

  21. xCxExYxLxAxNx Says:

    Can I just say I think your website is fantastic! I love the way you descrive in detail the way each product works and how all the ingredients work, and I also love that its all natural. I will be buying some as soon as I have the spare money!

  22. TonyaTko Says:

    @dijesslover Please go to the website TkoSkin and see before and after pics on the home page


  23. dijesslover Says:

    if it really worke fowr yew ..
    can u put up a pic ov dee BEFOR & AFTER 🙂

  24. theteacake Says:

    your body is beautiful, i want u to massage my lufa

  25. TheNaturalChica Says:

    WOw i love this video great energy ive been looking for something hope this works!!!

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