O’Reilly MySQL CE 2010: Edward Screven, “State of the Dolphin”

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Edward Screven (Oracle Corporation), “State of the Dolphin”
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25 Responses to “O’Reilly MySQL CE 2010: Edward Screven, “State of the Dolphin””

  1. ThunderAppeal Says:

    @atodea No one gives a shit what you think or say you fucking clown. Your family were fucking nazis during WW2.

    Go crawl back under the rock from where you came from you fucking turd.

  2. onekopaka Says:

    @atodea Never seen it spelled like that. Either way, Oracle is either bluffing or MySQL isn’t going to die. They claim they want to keep MySQL the #1 open source relational database software, which can be used to attract people to other offerings from Oracle, which is a plus for them.

  3. atodea Says:

    @onekopaka Sorry for that :). In my native tongue it’s spelled with a K and I never thought it can be spelled different in English. I promise to spell it correctly from now on.

  4. mijubo Says:

    not in all languages Iraq is written like that in german its Irak!

  5. onekopaka Says:

    @andreittner the paid version has been available for years, MySQL Enterprise, but it’s not going to be only paid.

  6. onekopaka Says:

    @atodea Lets spell Iraq correctly.

  7. mixedpreview Says:

    @atodea learn to spell IRAQ

  8. anglitoestebancito Says:

    are there any forks going on ?

  9. darktatas Says:

    @andreittner That’s what forks are for…
    @SFilaretos There are a couple already…

  10. SFilaretos Says:

    Oracle is a killer for MySql. Where is fork of MySql?

  11. Panch0Mx Says:

    Oracle is the kind of company that will buy anything to stop competitors. That’s its way to do business. Too bad now they own Java Sun, Open Office, MySQL, etc

  12. andreittner Says:


  13. roofdoubleflip Says:

    I don’t trust Oracle.

  14. dngreene Says:

    SQL stands for Structured Query Language – it’s not a trademark thing at all

  15. pjdarmis Says:

    Innodb as default, something that should have been done years ago! I’m happy this finally happened

  16. peetdevos Says:

    Please just don’t give us an Oracle Installer – the worst idea ever. And please keep it small – that is why we chose MySQL in the first place – simple, small, efficient.

  17. tgid Says:

    Historically, it was called SQL to distinguish it from SEQUEL, a predecessor whose name had to be changed to SQL for trademark reasons.

    My assumption has always been that those that call it “sequel” have learned it from books, or from another developer who learned it from books. When I was taught it at college, the professor called it “s-q-l” and it stuck.

    A friend of mine pronounces it “skwull”. At least it make sense phonetically, unlike “sequel”.

  18. atodea Says:

    Oracle is to MySQL what the US Army is to Irak

  19. space1nvaders Says:

    It’s hard to have a conversation with another developer who uses the opposing pronunciation. We’re dealing with big egos to begin with. I follow the rule that when I am talking about MSSQL, I use sequel and that’s the only time I use it.

  20. space1nvaders Says:

    @zigertube Working with My-S-Q-L to develop enterprise business database systems for years. Oracle just wants to compete with MSSQL so they want it to sound the same. I never understood why people had so much trouble just saying the letters. Why convert it to sequel? Last I heard it was Structured English Query Language but should be SEQL. SQL is Structured Query Language. Mainly the Microsoft crowd calls theirs sequel while the MySQL developers just say SQL.

  21. mynameismonkey Says:

    He, like me, pronounces it both ways in the same paragraph. Sometimes I say shedule, sometimes I say skedule, but they both mean schedule.

  22. igkx Says:

    @zigertube It is pronounced My S-Q-L… this is because it is an acronym and because the docs say so…

  23. vjanicek Says:

    @zigertube and BTW my old-guy-with-centuries-of-db-expertise friend, in MySQL documentation, it is clearly stated (probably being a blind oracle guy you never read it) that it is pronounced My-S-Q-L… it’s the way THEY (the programmers) decided to call it…

    Read the docs my expert friend!

    I guess you don’t agree with calling Linus Torvalds “lee-nus” either.

  24. vjanicek Says:

    @zigertube I can see how good your DB expertise is when you judge a possible candidate by the way they pronounce S-Q-L… nice dude!!

  25. zigertube Says:

    @vjanicek Kiddies pronounce SQL S-Q-L. Grownups who have been working with databases for many years pronounce it sequel. That’s one of the ways I screen out kiddies when I’m hiring someone to work on our data systems.

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