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Adsense Tips

I read a few forums and blogs about Google Adsense tips lately, and thought it would be helpful to consolidate as many as possible in a place without the comments. I’ve also thrown in a few tips from me. We start with some of the basic general stuff and go later on in the specific topics.

Build an Empire?

If you choose a website publisher you will fall into one of two categories:

* Publish 100 websites that will benefit one day

* 1 site earn

publish worthy of 00:00 on the day win

The reality of it is the end most people somewhere in between. After 100 websites leaves you with maintenance, management and content issues. Having a website you can open to any kind of fluctuations (search engines algorithm, market trends, etc). You can customize your plan on track but you will find it easier if you made in the direction of where you want to start at the end.

General or Niche

You can build your website around general topics or niche ones. Generally speaking niche websites better with AdSense. First, the ad targeting is much better. Secondly, such a narrow focus your writing naturally have more and more expert in nature. I hope you enjoy more authority in your field.

If this is your first attempt at building an AdSense website, make it something you enjoy. It will accomplish the process much easier and less painful. However, you should make sure that your topic has enough of an ad inventory and the payout at a level you are comfortable with. You may love medieval folk dancing, but the pool of advertisers for this issue is very small (in fact it’s currently zero).

Once you get the how Adsense works on a site, you are going to want to hang in some high-paying keywords dabble, you may even be tempted to buy a high paying keyword list. This does come with some dangers. First, the level of fraud is much higher on the big money terms. Second, there is a distortion of the relationship between supply and demand for these terms. Everyone wants ads on their website that make or more per click, but the number of advertisers who are willing to pay that much is fairly limited. In addition to the competition are that traffic will be stiff. So, do not try to run with the big dogs if you can not keep up. If you’re wondering whether you’re a big dog, then chances are you’re not. I have a high dollar keywords used report and was very satisfied with my results (see cash keywords free offer recap).

New sites, files and maintenance

If you can not attract the construction of a new website is finished until it’s adsense. In fact, I would go even further and say not to AdSense, until you have built inbound links and received traffic. If you make a website with “Lorem ipsum” dummy or placeholder text, your AdSense ads will almost certainly be off topic. This is often especially for new files on existing websites, if the topic is new or different. It may take days or weeks for the Google-Bot media always properly aligned on your side and get the ads. TIP: If you start a lot of traffic from a variety of IP’s will accelerate this process dramatically

I like to build my websites

with include files.. I have the header, footer and navigation in shared files. It makes it much easier to maintain and manage. Also I would like to include my AdSense code in files. If I want / need to change my AdSense code, it is just a file I have at work. TIP: I use the AdSense program the on or off. I can change a global variable appear true or false and my AdSense ads or disappear.

Managing URL’s and channels

AdSense channels is an area where it really easy to go overboard with stats. You can URL channels to compare how to do a site to another. You can also add up sub channels for each URL. When you wanted to do something channels like this:

* – 728 Banner

* – <336 block

p> * – Text-Link

* – 728 Banner

* – Image Banner

* – 336 block

* – 300 block

While this is great for testing and knowing who clicks where and why it makes your reporting a little shaky . Their total number is always correct, but if you look at the reports with a channel break things appear more than once and not get up to a total correctly. Makes things quite confusing to decide, so whether you really need / want that level of reporting detail. At least you want to know what the URL is generated profits so be sure to specify different URL channels

Site Design and Integration

As soon as this: TIPP. know, go to AdSense on your site, you will have to consider where to put it. If this new site is easier when there is an existing site is difficult. While there are some people who are able to do it, in most cases I would say if you’re the code to just slap, you end up with a franken site monster (props to Tedster of WMW for be keyword). While each site is different, Google has some heat maps showing the optimal locations published. No wonder the best spots are middle of the page and the left. Now I’m really good, done by the right, but you should know why you’re doing it this way before hand and ready to change it if it does not work are.


Google also has a list of the best performing ad sizes published

* 336 × 280 large rectangle

* 300 x 250 Inline Rectangle

* 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

the sites that I run, I want really good with the 336 square and 160 skyscraper. My next best performing ad size is the 728 leaderboard, I do not really use the 300 inline rectangle too often. So really it depends on how well you integrate these into your site. Placement can have a dramatic impact on performance. Tip: When working on a new site or new layout of each site you own channel for a little while can until you understand the user behavior

Another “trick” that the. Increase CTR is by blending can copy your AdSense into your body. For example, if your body copy is black, remove the AdSense border and make the title, text and URL black.TIP: Try all of your page hyperlinks to a high contrast color (like dark red or a bold blue) then change the adsense ownership of the same color.

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The only area where I did not meet blended ads as well is forums, especially those with repeated high-volume members. Regular visitors develop banner blindness pretty quickly. A “trick” to the ads is to keep ignoring, is sufficient to chance the color and the placement. As with any of the decisions about location, location and color, there is a compromise. How much do you know the ads emphasize without annoying your visitors. Remember, it is better to have a 1% CTR with 500 regular visitors to a 5% CTR with 50 visitors receive. TIP:. For forums try placing the AdSense ads directly above or below the first forum thread

Using pictures

One of the latest “secrets” to make the round is the use of images placed directly above or below an AdSense leaderboard. This took a while, but came in a digital point forum thread where a member talked about quadrupling their CTR. Basically you set up the AdSense code in a table with four images that line directly from the ads. Whether this is deceptive is fuzzy and very subjective. Obviously four blinking arrows would be ‘enticing people to click’ and against the AdSense TOS. However, placing pictures of 4 laptops over laptops ads do not, use your best judgment here and look at it from Google with the provider or perspective. If You write a question about your implementation being ‘above the line “to AdSense and ask them to take a look.

So much for the pictures, I’ve done it and can tell you it definitely works. you get the best results, “tell complete the history of advertising.” images, for example, if you use ads on apple pie, images of freshly baked apple pie, instead of Granny Smith, Macintosh, Pink Lady and Braeburn apples .. TIP: Do not limit yourself to using images only on the size ad unit, it works just as well with the other variables, such as the 336 square


p> I have a little CRITICIZM for this year and may be right, because I was not specific as I could. Do not use very identifiable brand names or products for your pictures. Use generic non-specific stock images whenever possible and appropriate.

multiple ad units

Another way to increase advertising revenue on multiple ad units. According to Google TOS you are allowed to post up to three ad units per page. Similar to standard results of highest paying ad units will be served first and the lowest being served last. If there is enough of an ad inventory, place all three ad units. However, one should pay attention to the payouts. Current assumption is you get 60% revenue (to 0.05 Click .03). So if a click on the third ad units only pay between 3-5 cents you can take it out on your part. This is an indication of where your ad units channels does have value . If an ad unit is always a higher percentage of click-through rates you want to ensure that the highest paying ads will be served there. TIP: Use box CSS positioning your highest paying ads serving in the position with the highest click rate


Adsense in RSS

With the growth of blogs and RSS feeds that you begin to see adsense, which has now feeds. IMHO it does not work, and here, why:

* you only get to place one ad unit

* You can not control the finding “sweet spot” for the display unit Wed * The ads are usually not targeted (this is always better).

* People “banner blindness”.

I know people how to read in a position to complete deals in their feed reader and there are at least a dozen other reasons for the total contributions of pleasing your users to make mobile offline computing, all of which are completely valid. However, if your site depends on AdSense generate revenue to survive, then bring them to the site and show them the ads there.

Partner Sites

Put AdSense on partner sites is tricky . If you give one, or the sale for a click? This is something you need on your own test to find out. If you is not converting now it’s definitely worth a try. I like to use AdSense on my article pages. For example, say you had an affiliate website where you sold shoes. You’re going to need some related articles “flesh out” the Web site. things like “always a shoe shine’oder ‘search for a shoe repair” These are excellent spots for AdSense . While not rich, they are usually a small steady income and cover things like hosting costs.TIP: If you or you have more than 50 clicks per month add more pages on this issue, link and the pages together. Mine you logs for the search terms used.

PPC arbitrage

This is a sensitive topic so I’ll steer clear precise examples am. provide general On low volume via niche terms at a very low cost. To set the target page, the high payout ads contains the related general topic. They are for conditions with a large gap between the price you pay for AdWords bids and the price you are looking at AdSense forever. If you click .10 A and get paid .00 per click to make 0.90 per click. To your AdSense ad approved you will need to ‘add some value “on the road. You can kill or get taken to the cleaners with this, so make sure you know what you are doing before you try it.

Do all the other AdSense tips, tricks or secrets? Send me an email and let me know, I give you credit.


728 leaderboard works very well if it only through the end of the

is “above the fold” area on what than your average viewer


resolution / size of the browser window when there are few other enticing links

above the fold. Makes for an interesting layout but if you’re building

a site for AdSense it can be worth it. We get very consistent

to do high click-through rates from this.

Try sites that you try to quickly any and all

building permit

these sites in the heatmap guide described or at least allow you to

high degree of freedom to easily change ad / content locations.

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