Since the number down, Hunter, success is still spotty

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Since the number down, Hunter, success is still spotty

(PRWEB) January 26, 2005 Mr.

More ducks poured into Louisiana in December and early January, but the numbers still fall short of previous yearsÂ? believes the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced.

Biologists have discovered

2,5 million birds along the coastal zone and around Catahoula Lake when they flew aerial surveys in January 11.4.

Thata? S 800,000 higher than DecemberÂ? S surveys, but Italy? still well below the January 2004? with an estimate of 3,4 million U.S. dollars. Southwest Louisiana the highest number of ducks, birds of all 1400000. Most of that number as well? 1300000 â? were amateurs, and in Southeast Louisiana, the other 1074000 birds were counted.

Catahoula Lake was almost devoid of laymen, only a 1000 Grace counted. Popular North Louisiana hunting area didnâ? T is much better with divers â? there were only 33,000 and 29,000 ringnecks canvasbacks. The report shows the DWF, which counts an estimated 150,000 other ducks in Northeast Louisiana, although it was not by species.

state waterfowl study leader Robert Helm said he had received reports that hunting fell rapidly after the opening weekend in November. Â? Everything started relatively good? Helm said. Â? Remainder of the first split, we basically didnâ? T have any weather.Â? This meant that some birds traveled to the south, “he said.

The second split, overall hunting was pretty blah. But he said localized areas were a large number of Teal and made a pretty good hunting. Â? Thereâ? Passed the pockets of hunters here and there that do well? Helm said. But the most successful hunters in the east of the Atchafalaya River. Â? I think Southeast Louisiana overall did better than Southwest Louisiana, â? Helm said. Venice was one example of a surprisingly good hunting throughout most of the season.

â? Venice was good overall until Christmas, as well? he said. Â? IA? M frankly surprised that they did and how they did it as long as they are because of the hurricane affects.Â? By Christmas, however, little food that remained after Hurricane Ivan blew past the field was not, and hunt success had fallen. Caernarvon marshes also offered good shooting. Â? Thata? One of those areas that seemed to be pretty good as well? he said.

But there were regions of south-east, where hunters struggled. Â? Terrebonne marshes were pretty low, eh? he said. Oddly enough, this wasnâ? That question Marsh on certain conditions? there was plenty of food, and hunters should find birds abound in the area. Â? Frankly, I feed? T explained that, â? Helm said.

Pecan Island highest point in southwest Louisiana, but most ducks werenÂ? T expensive item, “he said. Â? Teal hunting is carried load there, and? he said. Central and North Louisiana hunters seemed to have done quite well, with plenty flooded bogs play a large role. Â? I think that hunting in Central and North Louisiana was better, in particular, who was hunting on the moor, and? Helm said.

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It didnâ? t seem to be a field of hunters, it was a lot of water, but a few ducks.

â? Golf hunters didnâ? T is well after Christmas? he said. Thata? Probably due to the onset of the rainy season, and dissemination of the mast in these marginal lands. Â? September Teal season was messing around with the drought? he said. Â? It turned around in October with some of these tropical vents, and he never looked back.Â? The result was that the birds can find shelter and food in the backwater areas, so they werenÂ? T forced to forage in flooded fields.

In addition, hunters throughout the state who reported good success has been forced to move from the shackles of gray mallards and other, usually less desirable species. Â? IA? Get lots of reports that were ringnecks big factor? Helm said. Thata? SA big shift for Louisiana hunters, who have traditionally been very picky about what kinds of ducks shot. Â? Not so long ago, ringnecks were there, but people chose not to shoot them, but? Helms said.

, that change of attitude underscored just how fortunate Louisiana waterfowlers have been for many years, “he said. Â? Louisiana hunters, in general, and did not realize how good they are,? Helm said. Â? Thata? Just do not anymore. case? As to why there havenâ? T was more birds are helmet can only point to the weather, as one of the main reasons. Â? Thereâ? Still plenty of birds to the north of us? he said in mid-January. Â? Missouri to spend a lot birds.Â? Another factor that may also be in the game, however.

Helm said gadwalls have been found in large quantities in East Texas. Â? There may be some distribution issues that we havenâ? T took over,? he said. Â? Maybe these birds are shifted slightly west.Â?

But he said that the decline in hunter success can have a lot in common with the changing age structure of the flocks arriving in the State, as the downsizing. Â? With the warm weather to the north of us, more birds die from northern hunters? Helm said. Â? As the birds in the south, theyâ? Re more educated than they used to be.Â?

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