IPv6? Oncoming train, or liberation from the darkness?

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IPv6? Oncoming train, or liberation from the darkness?

In our last installment (IPv6 – The light at the end of the tunnel). explains what we IPv6 is and why it is important in your near future

In this issue we are on some of the questions begin this post and the reactions to it and some details about the planning for IPv6 and what you mentioned, need to know as a business move to get around this. But first I would like those who have written comments to the previous post. I encourage others to comment as well. Your comments help make these places better. Now with the new content …

Let’s talk a little about priorities. Properly align priorities is important for each company on several levels. It goes without saying that most companies do not have the kind of resources it takes to really everything in parallel, we must determine decisions on maximizing the return on investment and, most importantly, to make the company.

On the one hand, the fact that IPv4 runs out in about 3 years (by 2013) means that IPv6 really needs to be a priority. On the other hand, the fact that IPv6 is apparently no immediate ROI makes it really hard to justify allocating resources to it now in comparison to other things, the immediate ROI.

have however in the case of IPv6, we can actually dig a little deeper and ask some different priorities in different parts of the process that make things much easier. First, let’s about how you share the task of IPv6 capabilities to talk to your network. IPv6 can be for the average company size is divided into the following chunks:

External Network Infrastructure

This is the hardware and software that provides basic functionality for your business to the Internet and your web servers and other public services. Most of these things is like routers, switches, perhaps DNS servers.

External content and services

where your Web server, E-mail servers, and other public services to

If an employee-oriented “outside” content and services

This category includes things like VPN concentrators employees, employee-mail access technologies, etc.

Internal Network Infrastructure

corporate intranet, enterprise LAN / MAN / WAN, etc.

Internal Network Services

Intranet servers and services

Internal end-user hosts

desktops, laptops, etc.

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I have tried this by the priority with which they achieve IPv6 capability in order. It turns out that this list is also, thankfully, told about the toughest of the simplest. Adding IPv6 to your external network infrastructure, the first step in almost every organization has to be. Until you do that, all other IPv6 implementation in your company will be an island, possibly leading to a sub-optimal performance for users, and many help desk tickets.

Since the most likely first groups of IPv6 hosts will be end-user systems, it is useful to set priorities by IPv6 capabilities to systems that they need to connect to. This makes your external web presence and services, such as your incoming e-mail servers, etc., the likely next priority, followed closely by your corporate VPN terminators followed (some of your employees homes may end up IPv6-only in this process, ready with the VPN, it may be necessary).
The rest of the action items can be postponed for a while, if necessary. However, there are some disadvantages and some costs to service that we consider in more detail in the next installment.

Now, let us a little about why this is so important. Building an IPv6 Internet is not just work to keep your existing skills. The Internet was built on many levels and still a community. Communities, such as plants grow, or wither away either. To grow, the Internet needs a larger address space. If we do not accept new members into our community, is a new community being built without us and we will quickly become meaningless.

IPv6 may not appear an immediate ROI, you have your winnings, but the reality is that in a surprisingly short time, services on the Internet do not have IPv6 services are not accessible through a substantial portion of the Internet. At this point, the company could move to IPv6 a significant disadvantage compared to companies that are left are
Some other problems in the future installments will be considered.

Change is never easy – helping your IT staff to cope with training and WeiterbildungNAT IPv6IPv4/IPv6 and transition technologies

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