Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers for Business

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Benefits Managed dedicated servers for businesses


Kathryn Dawson

There are countless advantages to using managed dedicated servers for hosting your site. Managed dedicated server should always be used as a minimum security requirements for the site that the customer information or conduct financial transactions. Any serious web site, which is essential for a company or business should also be placed on a dedicated server. With anything less, such as shared hosting, and the necessary level of security is simply not present. This article examines all the benefits of managed dedicated servers, while weighing the pros and cons of alternative solutions for web hosting.

To start with, there is an advantage that your server is in a data center. Systems need to keep your server running, such as power, cooling, connectivity to the Internet and so on, all have backup systems in case of failure of one or the other. If you try to duplicate this in their own offices, the costs quickly become prohibitive.

Then there are managed dedicated servers themselves. Being married, no other person or web master has access to the server. Dedicated server where only your own site or sites are hosted. When the site had together on a shared server, if one site is hacked, then your own, in danger from the same treatment. Viruses are easily spread through the site on the same server. There could be a large number of sites hosted on the same server, so multiple administrators or Web masters have access to the server. In addition to security risks, sharing of bandwidth in this way resulted in a slower upload times for all pages on the server. With a dedicated server, load times are much faster and more research shows how you only have about 2 seconds to upload the site visitor clicks yields and elsewhere, the rate is extremely important.

If you have managed hosting, then you will reap even more benefits. When you have managed hosting, the company you choose to provide all the hardware and cover all costs of the network. They are responsible for maintaining a data center located in the server and all the maintenance tasks associated with your server and network. Constant monitoring will be carried out to ensure that any technical defects are addressed quickly and easily.

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Not only will put off visitors with slow loading pages, but they are also unlikely to return to all those that suffer from technical problems. The site goes down, even just an hour or two it can have serious consequences. By managed hosting, but you can have peace of mind that the time is not a big risk, and thus lose customers through technical problems, is unlikely.

Even though the cost of having a managed dedicated servers are more than a shared hosting, additional security benefits that you receive are greater than this cash savings. If the price is most important, then you should always consider a dedicated server hosting first. There is another possibility, as the hosting site, and the collocation. That’s when rents space in the data center and you can place your own server in it. However, this does not mean that you are responsible for maintaining the server and network. Even if you do not pay for a data center designed and equipped with all necessary equipment, you do not pay for the server and you are responsible for all network monitoring too. Most companies or people with just a few pages the impression that it is unnecessary, and decide to have a dedicated managed servers instead.

If you have a website, then you should consider managed dedicated servers as a way to host your site. You can find affordable or even cheap dedicated server and then you just have a high level of security, but your costs are kept low too. It is possible to have a UK Colocation if you want to own the hardware you are using.

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