Response Time can be faster if the Server is nearer

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

If you have been seeking for a new server for your existing website, or maybe start a new website for the very first time, you would need to browse through a lot of information. The Internet is full of all sorts of tips and tricks to make things easier for you. It is advised that you follow maximum of the advice provided by people who are personally experienced in this domain and were the first ones to have made mistakes when they had nobody around to show them another way. Using their advice, y
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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Now accepting proposals for GSoC 2011

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Now that the official GSoC site is accepting student proposals, students should post their proposals to for them to be officially examined.

In the past, a proposal could be edited by the student after submission
and I believe it’s still the case. Mentors will interact with students
in private to ask clarifications about their proposals. Project News: phpMyAdmin (including full news text)

South Dakota Government Working to Recruit Data Center Builds

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(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) –- The South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development ( announced on Thursday it has partnered with officials from Sioux Falls, Vermillion and Yankton to attract data center builds to the state.

The partnership is part of the GOED’s co-op marketing program, which allows the state and local entities to combine their resources and better leverage marketing dollars.

According to its website, the GOED’s main objective is to “expand primary job opportunities for all South Dakotans,” working “to retain and expand existing businesses, foster new businesses, facilitate business succession and recruit out-of-state businesses.”
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The Freedom and Flexibility of Colocation Hosting

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Online business owners usually require various services to keep their endeavors operating smoothly and supply the tools and resources needed to continually create new websites and online business opportunities. Web hosting is such a service, as it is the first thing that is needed by every webmaster. In essence, you need access to the web server if you want to host a website on the World Wide Web. However, some people choose not to utilize a conventional web hosting plan, and instead purchase their own private web server. Once the server is purchased it must be stored in a safe area that has an ideal environment for server operation, which is low in dust, has a continually maintained temperature/humidity index, and maintains constant airflow to the server at all times. Web server owners also need to consider the safety of the server in terms of vandalism, theft, and other forms of hardware damage. Fortunately, colocation hosting is a web server storage service that keeps your web server safe all times.

What Is Included with a Colocation Web Hosting Plan?

In essence, a colocation hosting plan is simply a service that allows you to store your private Web server in a data center that is connected to the Internet via multiple high-speed connections. Thus, the colocation hosting plan you will receive access to state-of-the-art facilities, a fully customized private server rack for your Web server’s, multiple connections to the Internet, automatic server backups and redundancy, and (with some more comprehensive plans) technical support. All collocation web hosting plans include 24-hour security, and the facilities are protected by both digital surveillance and state-of-the-art fire extinguisher systems. Without a co-location hosting plan you be forced to store your private Web server in your home, office, or in a storage space (none of which are an ideal location for an operating Web server).

What Are the Advantages of Colocation Hosting?

The main advantages colocation hosting is the safety and stability it provides for your Web server, giving you access to facilities and stability that would otherwise be unobtainable without spending millions of dollars. For a nominal monthly fee you’ll receive full support from trained technical staff, and your Web server will be stored in environmentally controlled server rooms. Many colocation hosting providers also ensure the web hosting equipment, so that if your Web server is damaged in any way while it is being stored at the facility it will be replaced immediately. Colocation hosting providers also make automatic backups of your entire Web server on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, in order to provide complete redundancy that will ensure your websites are online at all times.

Freedom and Flexibility of a Colocation Hosting Plan

Perhaps the most appealing advantages of colocation hosting is the ability to do whatever you would like that your web server in terms of software and hardware configurations. Regardless of how many web servers you own, or what type of operating system you prefer to use, you’ll be able to do it all collocation hosting, as you are not forfeiting your ownership of the web server. By having complete control over what your web server you can eliminate many of the conventional limitations and restrictions placed on bandwidth, disk space, databases, and other aspects of server expansion.

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Points a web Master Should consider about the Web hosting plans

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Once you have designed your website and have purchased the web domain, now you need to purchase a web hosting service from a good web hosting company which would help you by hosting your website on its server. In return of the services, you need to pay a monthly fee amount. This fee depends on services that you take along with the web hosting plan. If you take large amount of bandwidth and disk space then you have to pay more.
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Domain investing: Liquidity and cost control are key to survival

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Business costs or expenses and liquidity do matter in every business. In every brick and mortar business, there is usually the prospect of tying capital in the form of slow moving inventory. Think of a car dealership that has purchased 10 cars each worth USD$ 30k which equal to USD$ 300k in total committed capital. Depending on the size of the car dealership, that might be a significant dough tied in car inventory. If the business owner has borrowed a loan of $ 300k at a simple interest of 5% p.a. then he still has to  generate sales volume to settle the outstanding borrowing interest expense of $ 15k plus principal per annum. In order to maintain sufficient liquidity or cashflow, the dealership needs to design an aggressive marketing campaign to better it chances of survival. This is another expense in the form of marketing. I will assume that the owners of the car dealership were smart enough to do due diligence and determine market demand for the cars (not sure what model) before investing $ 300k capital. If the marketplace doesn’t respond positively to the dealership’s marketing campaign, this could spell doom for the business. Now back to domain names. As every internet marketer scrambles for their share of the few advertising dollars on offer, it is becoming apparent that certain groups are winning while others lose. It is difficult to say whether domainers and SEOs are losing more than web developers. Let us take domainers for example. I think domainers with relatively large domain portfolios worry about annual renewal fees. If a domain name does not pay its cost, then its makes no business sense to keep it. If you have a high quality gTLD (CNO) type-in traffic domain portfolio build many years ago chances are that your domains cover their annual costs. However, for speculators or domain investors whose acquisition strategy could be driven by brandability and keyword quality, then circumstances might be a bit complicated. Domain investors should keep a close eye on their cashflows. This could be a challenge especially when you they have to rely on a lucky deal/sale every blue moon. In order to survive, then I would think that domain investors should focus on quality not quantity. For instance for every 5 domains sold for say $ 2k each make sure that you invest $ 6k in one quality name and keep the other $ 4k in the bank for a rainy day. Do not follow the crowd in your investment strategy – do your homework and due diligence! For example, ICANN is just about to allow registration of hundreds of thousands of new gTLDs (.brand, .generic, .communities). This will have serious implications on type-in traffic (domainers prepare for it).  Any smart domain investor would not waste money in some of these extensions without a clear exit strategy. In the meantime, you should not think that domain flipping will last forever. Learn SEO and develop one of your best keyword domain names into a sustainable business. I know it is easier said than done – let us go back to work. Good luck!

Seo Friendly Links with mod_rewrite

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mod rewrite seo friendly links

Apache’s mod_rewrite module solves several typical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) problems. It is a module which provides a powerful way to do sophisticated url manipulations. Not only can mod rewrite be used to avoid duplicate content, redirect moved urls or non existing inbound links, and create search engine friendly urls. It can also be used for to gain higher PageRank and search engines rankings, get your web site indexed by the search engines, and receiving more visitors. Here are some the most popular url manipulations.

Avoid duplicate content

RewriteEngine On
# Redirect non-www to www.
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$   [NC]
RewriteRule (.*)$  1 [R=301,L]
# Redirect direct requests for "<anything>/index.html" to "<anything>/"
RewriteRule ^(([^/]+/)*)index\.html$  1 [R=301,L]

Redirect relocated URLs

RewriteEngine On
# Redirect relocated old urls to the new urls
RewriteRule ^oldpage\.html$ [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^directory/oldpage\.html$ [R=301,
# Redirect relocated directories to the new directories
RewriteRule ^olddir/(.*)$  1 [R=301,L]

Redirect non existing incoming links

RewriteEngine On

#+ - BEGIN: URL fixup redirect routine

# Get the requested URI, query string and hostname.
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^(/[^?]*)([?].*)?$  
RewriteRule . - [E=myUri:%1,E=myQuery:%2]

# Replace hmtl, htlm, and thml file extensions with html extension.
RewriteCond %{ENV:myUri} ^(.*)[.,](hmtl|htlm|thml)$   [NC]
RewriteRule . - [E=myRedirect:yes,E=myUri:%1.html]

# Replace comma(s) or multiple filetype delimiter periods in the url
# with a single period.
RewriteCond %{ENV:myUri} ^(.*)([,.]{2,}|,)((s?html?|php[1-9]?|aspx?|pdf|xls).*)$   [NC]
RewriteRule . - [E=myRedirect:yes,E=myUri:%1.%3]

# Remove invalid trailing characters
RewriteCond %{ENV:myUri} ^([/0-9a-z._\-]*)[^/0-9a-z._\-] [NC]
RewriteRule . - [E=myRedirect:yes,E=myUri:%1]

# Remove trailing punctutation
RewriteCond %{ENV:myUri} ^(.*)[._\-]+$  
RewriteRule . - [E=myRedirect:yes,E=myUri:%1]

# Do the external 301 redirect only if needed and the resource exists
# at the corrected URI.
RewriteCond %{ENV:myRedirect} ^yes$   [NC]
RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{ENV:myUri} -f [OR]
RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{ENV:myUri} -d
RewriteRule .{ENV:myUri}%{ENV:myQuery} [R=301,L]

#+ - END: URL fixup redirect routine

SEO-friendly URLs

For example, your urls look like this:

Obviously, you want to transform it into something that look like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^widgets/(.*)/page(.*)\.php /widgets.php?cat=$  1&page=$  2 [L]

Good luck! You can find more info about seo at

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Features of clipbucket hosting

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Web hosting services are intended for many purposes. Different hosting services are specialists on different kind of hosting also, such as Adult content hosting sites, which requires legal requirements to be met as well as high level capacity servers to run videos and images.
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help me to pick a hosting company for my website?

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Question about compare website hosting:

there r lots of hosting company with different prices
even if the services provided is the same (bandwidth,ftb,mail,…..)
but the money always differs
i really don’t know how to compare and pick a host……

Based on your question above, why not try MyHosting. If you are looking for a web hosting service or if you need “unlimited” hosting service, we highly recommend you go with myHosting. If you are looking for a company with very few bad review, then try search for MyHosting review to see what we mean. They also give free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited add-on domains, friendly Site builder and much more for such a low monthly price. You can get MyHosting for only $ 4.84/month.

MyHosting Coupons: If you need a VPS instead of just compare website hosting, you can enter the Coupon Code below during checkout to get Up to 6 months FREE on VPS plans at MyHosting. If you want both Windows (Microsoft) and Linux Platform in one hosting plan, including unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, with 20 Exchange-based Email – then the coupon below takes $ 10 off the Premium myHosting plan.

We hope our answer about compare website hosting has helped to solve your problem.If not, you can try alternative answers below. If you have something to share, please leave a comment in the box below.

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Best Web Hosting, Host Gator Review.mp4

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Full Text Review – – Take a 5 minute break, and find out all the good and bad points about Host Gator web hosting. Hostgator offers top tier shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers to meet the needs of different types of customers. One of the better aspects of Hostgator is that customers can upgrade from one package to another without losing uptime and having to go through a backup/restore cycle. Host Gator Review: Host Gator is hands down the best web hosting company that I have ever been with. I have been frustrated with others in the past but no others can compare to Host Gator. I know the screen capture is a little blurry but its readable and I know you guys can see for the most part whats going on! Here is the coupon code I was talking about to get the .95 hosting plan for $ .01 for the first month! : hgc25 . And the .94 off is good on any Host Gator account under .70. Another Host Gator feature that I didnt mention in the video: *They allow you to create a new wordpress blog OR transfer your existing one to Host Gator and its SUPER easy. (Very helpful for you bloggers out there who want to host your blog on its own domain!)
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