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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Visit for more information. Are “HOST REVIEW” sites honest? Are they unbiased, impartial, and factual… or are they just after your money? How does a hosting company get on the “top 10” list? Amazingly most hosting reviews websites have one thing in common They are getting paid by hosting companies for reviews (either directly in the form of advertising or indirectly via affiliate commissions) — making their reviews extremely biased, one-sided, and highly questionable in terms of accuracy. They all promote the same group of companies. The reason that the same hosting companies always make it to the “top” of the hosting comparison charts is because those companies, one way or another, pay to be listed there. These hosts include Host Monster, Blue Host, Lunar Pages, IX Webhosting, InMotionHosting, StartLogic, Host Pappa, Pow Web, etc. It’s a well-known fact web hosting companies running their affiliate programs through Commission Junction offer among the highest affiliate commissions in the hosting industry. Thus “clever” PPC (pay per click) affiliate marketers decided: why not create websites with “top web hosting companies” lists and list these companies as “top”? Hosting company reviews seldom base their “rating” on their quality of service (although many claim to). Instead, most of them rate a webhost on the *size* of the affiliate commission. Those web hosts offering the highest commissions usually get the top spots — because those

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

25 Responses to “Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reviews – SCAMS EXPOSED”

  1. reviewsexposed Says:

    @xxshanexx2010 Maybe to start out with, but not as a long term solution.

  2. xxshanexx2010 Says:

    so would u recommend godaddy?

  3. reviewsexposed Says:

    @SuperCoolTutorials Sorry for the late reply comments sometimes get buried in YouTube. I use Coral Studio and Photo Shop.

  4. reviewsexposed Says:

    @TroyOi I am not sure Alexa points where someone is hosted. I use domain dossier to do my whois searches because I like to look at network info an such. webhostingtalk is questionable. I have seen them attack people that give negative feed back and side with the host in many complaints. Not to mention I have seen moderators side with webhostingstuff in regards to negative post being deleted. There are no forums at this time that I can say I approve of that are just hosting related.

  5. TroyOi Says:

    @reviewsexposed “Also try and see if they host with their so call top 10, most do not.”

    That’s an interesting point. Would you get that info from a Whois, or maybe Alexa?

    What about web hosting forums – any recommendations there? I see webhostingtalkDOTcom seems to be popular. Do you have a favorite?

  6. reviewsexposed Says:

    @ArchitekOGP I wish I could say that I knew good places to look. Not all hosts are listed in the same areas. For that matter while reviewing some hosts, I find that their listings are not in the so called hosting review sites. The best thing I can recommend is just typing in a hosts name into a search engine. This is part of what I do look up dirt on a host. Did I mention that I am biased against unlimited space packages?

  7. reviewsexposed Says:

    @TroyOi The best I can do is warn about the bad ones at this time. My advice (what little I can squeeze into a YouTube comment) is to look for reviews with more detail. The biggest flaw I find in many hosting review sites is they don’t give a lot of details as to why you should pick a host. Also try and see if they host with their so call top 10, most do not. Why should you host with a company they do not use? The reason is they only list the hosts based on high payouts.

  8. TroyOi Says:

    @reviewsexposed That would be great but it’s not what I’m asking. What I’d like to know is which sources of information about web hosts (besides yourself) can be considered reliable. I’ve seen some that CLAIM independence (ie, accept no money), others that CLAIM to be based on customer reviews. Even then I’m still not wholly convinced.

    I see ArchitekOGP just made a similar request in his comment. You’ve shown us the dark side of host reviews — thanks! Now is there a side of truth and light?

  9. reviewsexposed Says:

    @TroyOi personally I am in the progress of finding a good host, all the hosts I am currently using are adequate but have flaws that don’t justify me recommending them.

  10. ArchitekOGP Says:

    Hmm I was reading a few “Web host review” sites and they did seem a bit false, anyway found this video and cant believe I actually considered them to be true. Any idea of any good forums that discuss web hosting and domains, im guessing thats the best place I could go to find good unbiased reviews?

  11. TroyOi Says:

    I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to find a good web host. I can’t say that this video has helped much. I KNOW many or most host review sites are undependable — how about telling us some that ARE (IF there are any)? Yes, I see you mention CNET, but they’re not a site dedicated to comprehensive reviews. What about the ones that “claim” to be based on customer reviews… do you know if those are from real customers?? This is getting surprisingly frustrating… PLEASE: SOME REAL ANSWERS!!!

  12. WordPressTutorTV Says:

    Great video. Like it a lot.

  13. nutstrut Says:

    Nice video.

  14. nexworldlz3 Says:

    Great video. Thanks for the work that went into it. If we fail to research the companies we choose to do business with then we get what we deserve.

  15. reviewsexposed Says:

    @youngrelleus19 There is a version of this video that has audio, but apparently everyone likes the one with out audio better.

  16. youngrelleus19 Says:

    nice video add some sound effects and it would be tops

  17. SuperCoolTutorials Says:

    Dude nice video. What did you use to edit it?

  18. ooo0Bullet0ooo Says:

    The best webhost i trust is my friend’s 😀

  19. reviewsexposed Says:

    @StickyIky are you asking should you cancel them? I don’t know much about webfusion. But I do know that Justhost and 1and like to spend a lot on referrals. I will soon be doing a blog post on whom of the Endurance International Group (justhost is a part of) of who is the cheapest. So perhaps maybe you might want to leave justhost for a cheaper alternative from the same company.

  20. StickyIky Says:

    i hav accounts with 1and1, justhost and webfusion… would recommend i cancel em all

  21. kiwigirl2007online Says:

    @reviewsexposed With respect you have done an awesome job here and the video rocks! Unfortunately there are a lot of shady affiliate marketers out there making the rest look kind of suspect. But thanks to people like yourself… those, that maybe unfamiliar to the world of internet marketing may be able to get a bit of insight into how these things work and not get sucked in so easily by some of these led-by-greed and unethical shady marketers!

  22. reviewsexposed Says:

    @MultiBrados *blush* no smarter then anyone else. I was just tired of getting burned by bad review companies, I am sure someone else would have done the same thing.

  23. reviewsexposed Says:

    @evikzzz it really depends on your needs, there are some companies that are adequate. I only started a full scale review in the last three months.

  24. reviewsexposed Says:

    @kiwigirl2007online Those “working really hard” affiliates are drowned out by a sea of so called “unbiased” review sites. Most people do not know how to research “it”. If it was easy I would not have a website thats growing in traffic every day in regards to this particular subject. This would just be another video with a few hits, on an account thats not maintained.

  25. kiwigirl2007online Says:

    Ok, fair enough. But there are actually many affiliates out there that are working really hard to earn their cash by trying to provide excellent products to a given market! If your looking for a good host.. research it! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to distinguish for themselves whats hot and whats not, and if they are diligent enough they will be able to.. “Separate the wheat from the chaff.”

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