PHP Tutorial – 23 – Adding Tables to MySQL Database

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25 Responses to “PHP Tutorial – 23 – Adding Tables to MySQL Database”

  1. Maniack017 Says:


    auto_increment is what makes it different(makes it go 1 up everytime).
    Primary Key is there because id mainly organises the players.

  2. Krivudalo Says:

    I making blog site , and i wondering can i store my post (content of post, date of release…; by content i think images , videos , html coding ) , please help me , i stuck there !!???

  3. Krivudalo Says:

    Can i put primary key for username , so each username will be different ???

    will it be good idea

  4. samnthikumari Says:

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  6. samiwistler Says:

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  7. Jajaja2011Jajaja Says:

    For example, if you had a table of household’s and a table of people in each household. The table of people would have a different person in each row, and also a foreign key column with an id that matches the primary key (id) of the household they are in:

  8. Jajaja2011Jajaja Says:

    Primary keys are also needed when you have a row in a different table referencing a column in another table (when you have what is called a 1 to many relation between 2 tables is a good example of when you need that). In that case you have a Foreign Key column in the “many table” referencing the primary key in the “one table”.

  9. Jajaja2011Jajaja Says:

    id is what is called the “Primary Key”. Each primary key is unique, so that when you want to select a specific row in the database, you can be assured that you will get the row you want (because there could be 2 or people with the name “Bob” for example, but each “Bob” would have a different Primary Key.

  10. FlyingBroMan Says:

    I would pay for a DvD with these tutorials in it…just so you know… 😉

  11. autom4 Says:

    null is used for optional info… duhh 🙂

  12. gunner4192 Says:

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  13. alex007152 Says:

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  14. wittyadrian Says:

    Great tutorial!

    Last time I worked with this stuff was about 1-2 years ago, so this was perfect for refreshing my memory.

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  16. xXLiverpoolFCXx Says:

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  17. 999america Says:

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  18. tavsprezidents Says:

    @windowsexplore the same. I’be been searching for really good tutorials and skilful teachers to learn these all stuff. Explaining all stuff if 5/5 so far. 🙂


  19. Jugdesi Says:

    Great work on explaining how to add and make database. What you should explain first are the requirements. If you were to build a website what will the requirement me. Get the point. Alway explain what your doing. Great work 🙂

  20. topvirus2k9 Says:

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  21. kwaizimodo Says:

    in your vedio you asked “why anyone wont to add some NULL value to the database and if any one know you hope to tell you ” may i tell you :
    you need the Null value in case the recored which inclue these Nulls Will modify later specially when you talk about the historical data inserting
    id | EmpID | Job ID | Date_Of_Join_Job | Date_Of_Leave_Job | This_Record_Is_Active | Record_Active_Date | Record_Deactive_date.
    Date_Of_Leave_Job , Record_Deactive_date MUST Accept Null

  22. sajidctn Says:

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  23. Niel8181 Says:

    @thenewboston I’m busy with a browser game – and website development project for the last 8 months,
    and because you tutorials are so great i link everybody to your tutorials.
    And i will keep doing that to anyone i meet 😉
    Keep up the good work! You help people alot and i don’t know how to thank you properly for that. Thank you.

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  25. derekmcgoldrick Says:

    I love this guy. I was nearly in tears trying to sort this out. 10/10
    Great step by step, crystal clear instructions.

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