Legendary Tech Execs Join AIS Network Advisory Board

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(The Hosting News) — Hosting pioneer AIS Network (http://www.aisn.net) today announced that revered technology executives Doug Humphrey and William L. Schrader have joined its advisory board.  The expert panel was formed this week to guide AISN’s rapid growth and offer strategic insight on cloud computing product development and other issues impacting the business.

“AISN feels honored to have early Internet pioneers and visionaries such as Bill and Doug join our board of advisors.  We are confident their wisdom will help us continue to grow AISN intelligently.  Bill and Doug have proven that they know what’s required to transform business practices and define an entire industry, and we are delighted to have them at our side,” said AISN Chairman Kurt Baumann.

“Building a foundation with two bold, pioneering visionaries like Bill and Doug — men who are serial entrepreneurs, and in their own right, are widely recognized as ‘the father of managed hosting’ and ‘the father of the commercial Internet’ — dramatically enhances the diversity of thought leadership and experience that we have within AISN.”  

CEO Jay Atkinson indicated that AISN would be unveiling new hosted applications and cloud computing products over the coming year.  “For competitive advantage,” he said, “We will draw upon our advisory board’s decades of strategic insight for critical input on key business issues, particularly as we expand the company’s enterprise cloud computing products and move into new markets within North America.”

Humphrey:  Father of Managed Hosting

Acclaimed technologist and speaker, Humphrey is widely recognized as the “father of managed hosting.”  In 1991, he founded DIGEX, an early national Internet services provider credited with creating the “managed hosting” business. The company was a very early — if not the earliest — provider of “hosting” services, which, in time, grew to dominate the company’s offerings.  DIGEX was acquired by Intermedia Communications in July 1997.

Humphrey founded several other companies, including Cidera Inc. (formerly SkyCache, Inc.), which WebUseNet acquired in 2003; and Coloco, which AiNET acquired in 2007.  His roles in those companies ranged from chief executive officer and chief technology officer to president and chairman of the board. 

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Humphrey serves as a member of several technology and investment advisory boards. A frequent speaker at Internet conferences, business and law school seminars, and private investor forums, he seeks to provide others with the advice and wisdom of a seasoned entrepreneur.
Schrader: Father of the Commercial Internet

A chairman and CEO for more than 25 years, Schrader is perhaps best known as the “father of the commercial Internet.”  In 1989, he founded PSINet, an early Internet service provider, which was the first of its kind to provide commercial Internet access to companies.  The publicly traded company was a major player in the commercialization of the Internet. 

Schrader developed his skills, insights and decision-making acumen in a broad scope of endeavors ranging from bio-chemical and nuclear physics labs, massively parallel supercomputing, global internetworking, and software development and marketing.

The scale of Schrader’s experience has ranged from private to public, small to very large, stable to exponential growth, one office to 30 countries, and from economic boom to financial ruin and recovery.  In both the growth and downsizing phases, Schrader has successfully led multiple organizations through the analytic processes to establish strategies and engage in tactics resulting in successful exits while minimizing risks and providing gain.

With network operations centers in the Chicago and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, 18-year-old AISN is recognized as a pioneer in managed hosting technologies.

About AIS Network, LLC
AIS Network frees organizations from buying and hassling with servers, so those companies can run their business more efficiently.  AISN clients no longer maintain applications servers in their office, because we secure and care for those servers 24x7x365 in a world-class, disaster-resistant facility and ensure their capacity grows with the client’s business.  Fully managed hosting is what we do best, and AISN has been delivering it in the form of managed, cloud and applications hosting since 1993.  Unlike most hosting companies, AISN, a SAS 70 Type II-certified organization, personalizes client service at every level, inspiring full confidence that mission-critical data, applications and email are in reliable hands.  Visit  www.aisn.net.

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