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A few weeks ago, I told you about a new deal for all of our terrific hosting clients.  We provided you with a quick and easy $ 5 credit off your account, for providing us with an honest assessment of your hosting experience at Site5. Many of you did not disappoint, and we have gotten a lot of interesting feedback since then.

Our offer still stands.  Submit your reviews, good or bad, to  To help give you a little inspiration, here are a handful of the reviews we have been sent over the past few weeks.

Thanks to Nikola for doing this review.

Site5 offered transparency, extremely quick and helpful support team and pretty good hosting plans (I’m now on hostPro+Turbo). I’m always happy to get a response on every new ticket in time-span of max 5 minutes, and I also enjoy surfing Site5 forums! I was really sorry to leave Site5 that time, but when I got back – I proved myself that they really are hosting No.1 and I’m happy and proud to have my sites hosted here. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Jonas for doing this review.

So in February we made the change to Site5, main reason was because we had read about their redundant hosting and signed up for the launch-mail to get a coupon. So when it launched we bought a month of redundant hosting. They did the complete transfer of all 4 of our sites within a few hours after payment. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Paul for doing this review.

I switched from my old host because I was tired of the constant errors while composing blog entries. I would be typing away letting the words flow from my brain effortlessly onto the screen and then go to save, and nothing, nada, it would just sit and sit and sit and eventually hang without saving.  If I was lucky there might be an autosave that was close to being current, but typically no.  I got used to using the “back” button on the browser to try and get the previous work in progress to show so I could copyclip it out and try and insert it again.  Yeah, fun. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Beverly for doing this review.

I’ve been a satisfied customer of Site 5 hosting since October 2005. I have the MultiSite Express hosting package, which allows me to administer multiple domains very easily. This was one of the features that initially drew me to Site 5 and they’ve improved it over the course of time. I love this feature – I wanted to be able to run several personal sites and to set up and test client sites, and Multi-Site lets me do that very easily. This is particularly helpful when I want to test a CMS for a client. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Tim for doing this review.

Site5 offers multiple plans so you should be able to find a plan that meets your needs. They even offer reseller plans if that meets your needs. I don’t remember the original plan that I purchased, but I am currently using shared hosting plan called “The No Limits Plan + Turbo.” This plan is no longer available but I believe it is very similar to their “HostPro + Turbo” plan for $ 12.95/month. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Jesse for doing this review.

I use Site5 as my primary web host, including this blog. I’ve been a customer for about 3 years and have been very happy with their service. Even their cheapest plan has unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which is pretty awesome. I use their hostPro plan which only costs me $ 10/month because I pay by the year. I have about 58GiB of files on there now, most of that is my photos, and it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about running out of space. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Gerald for doing this review.

The user control panel at Site5 is a user-friendly custom engineered version of cPanel, named SiteAdmin. From in here, you can manage all aspects of your account including you website’s files (through the inbuilt File Manager), databases, emails etc. You are allowed to have unlimited MySQL databases which come with a pre-configured version of phpMyAdmin for easy administration. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Jack for doing this review.

Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

Site5 provide a variety of web solutions from shared/reseller hosting to Linux dedicated servers. With all of their servers located at The Planet’s Houston Data Centre you’re guaranteed excellent network speed. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Kyle for doing this review.

A friend recommended that I try out Site5 for my hosting. The prices were higher then GoDaddy (price is the only thing that kept me there) and I couldn’t find a whole lot of user reviews on it. But after spending a few minutes poking around the interface, easily finding my way, I saw no problem in paying a little extra for reliable web hosting. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Allie for doing this review.

I am not some big time user with a zillion accounts–just one with one web site (but will have more soon!), yet they have gone above and beyond to help me get my site up and working (which it is now—very smoothly, I might add) and have always responded to me quicker than any other hosting company I’ve used. I have never felt like the bottom of the totem pole with this company. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Melissa for doing this review.

As someone who is still in the launch phase of her freelance business, I don’t have a ton of cash to sling around. Site5 offered a solid plan for about $ 15 a month. For that price I get unlimited websites, bandwidth and disk space. I also got a free site migration. And they have 24/7 live chat customer support. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Russell for doing this review.

After three web hosts, and years of unreliable service, I found Site5. Before signing up I tested there claims of 24 hour support by calling and emailing at three different times of the day and night. Each time my call was answered in a very reasonable time. Emails were returned within hours. For the first two years my service was rock solid. Read more of this Site5 review!

Thanks to Robert for doing this review.

See, back about a year ago when I was first working with Bikes on the Drive they were hosted with Site5 and it was my first experience with them. I was still with my old host (who will remain nameless, this post isn’t about them) at this time. As the summer drew on I noticed considerable service differences between site5 and my old host, I also noticed the down time I was getting compared to Bikes on the drive at how quickly any service request I had with was answered quickly. Read more of this Site5 review!

Want to get your own $ 5 credit for sharing your opinion with us?

Follow these steps, and email in your review to and we will be more than happy to pass you a discount, for giving us your feedback, thoughts and stories about your own hosting experiences at Site5.

  • The longer and more in-depth your review is the better.
  • Make sure to mention the hosting plan your on and how it suits your website hosting needs.
  • Describe your interactions with the web hosting support team.
  • Be sure to link back to Site5 so they know where to come to check us out or avoid us.
  • Include your name, your primary domain name and a link to the page on your website where we can see the review!

There is no right or wrong way to go about this.  Simply give us your honest opinion of Site5 and the website hosting we provide. We are looking forward to hearing what you have to say, giving you a ‘bit of a discount for your thoughts and taking action on any feedback you might have. Get your review of Site5 hosting posted on your website, and then email us at

Thanks to Site5 for this post! Site5 provides web hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers for webmasters, coders, designers, businesses, and creative people!

Get $ 5 for Sharing Your Site5 Stories

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Linux Cpanel shared hosting: 600 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth, free domain, unlimited databases and ftp accounts, web hosting cheap and pro at Hostony

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