Facebook: The Gateway to Modern Romance

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Facebook: The Gateway to Modern Romance

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Social networking is slowly and gradually include the Internet domain and it is becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Now it does not matter if you’re in South America under the summer sun or sitting halfway around the world under the cold European weather, social networking to keep you connected to your friends, your family and loved ones.

Social networking platforms like Facebook are becoming so large that analysts predict that they will count for more than 60 percent of Internet traffic in the future. Whether the exotic islands of the Bahamas or mountain climbing in the Himalayas, social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you share your experiences with friends and family to visit. If social networking is shaping our daily lives, it’s also a number of problems creating and transforming the usual procedures and experiences making them more vulnerable to the public.

Facebook is very much back the way we give shape to our love life, and there is no clear denial of the fact that Facebook is deeply how young people fall in love, set flirting influence and even break their relationship. Mentioned as a popular teen magazine Seventeen Magazine recently released a detailed study to highlight some amazing facts. The study released by them shows what kind of strange effects of this social networking platform to all kinds of modern courtship.

The editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine Ann Shoket wrote in a blog post that the current digital age, teens are very social contact and plays a vital role in shaping up their love life indeed. According to the interesting study released by Seventeen Magazine survey them about ten thousand boys and girls ages 16 to 21 and the result was that all these young people said that touch indeed plays a very important role in how they go about in making their connections . The study says that within one day of meeting one new person a rate nearly as high as 79 percent of users on the “friend” tab for that person after that person ready to count nearly 60 percent of people over the stem and penetrate profile of their crush once a day. Moreover, normally 40 percent of users check their future would be soul mates several times during the day.

Apart from that, contrary to the faith of a large percentage of people point of view that social networking is kind of eroding the standards of interpersonal communication, nearly 72 percent of participants were examined said talk to someone in the online world brings them closer to everyone in the reality domain.

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But we have also seen several studies that have been released from the contact analysis showing that Facebook is also a very important role in how people who love and play. Samuel Axon, a writer at Mashable, wrote a very detailed report about how these social networking sites paranoia has changed the dating scene for a very worst. The Facebook Application dating named as Are you interested in a very astonishing study in which she highlighted statistics showing that nearly 21 percent of respondents noted that they would rather break with someone through changing their Facebook status and most recently by infographics Wizard released McCandless released a chart that he showed that popular break ups done by the ease of changing your Facebook status.

According to Seventeen Magazine almost 10 per cent users have what are by their loved ones leave through this social networking platform Facebook, and almost the same number as percentage said in the poll that they would like their status in relation to change to Single their eventually cut a lost lover. Moreover, Seventeen reports also commented that the fear of breaking that causes the site will be shown later in our use Facebook. The report cites that nearly 27 percent after people break up or change their connection with their Exes either by blocking or by removing them, or even hiding their Exes by applications such as Ex-Blocker or unfriending them as mentioned earlier. But a surprising note nearly 73 percent of people who Exes in their buddy list

Some other interesting facts from the study that girls on Facebook are a bit more judgmental;. Nearly 43 percent of the girls on Facebook are very firm in their decision of not dating someone based on their Facebook profile, and the boys’ domain, this rate is almost 33 percent. On the other hand, boys keep their relationship status among shadows and wraps. According to the report, nearly 17 percent of boys disagreed with their relationship status at all compared to only 12 percent of girls.

Boys also think it’s very exciting to apparently change their relationship status. The study also shows that nearly 50 percent of the girls are thrown out of a relationship resulting from one status to another and this fact nearly 1 in 3 Guys agree. It is indeed a very intriguing study from Seventeen Magazine that clearly makes us wonder how Facebook has seeped into our everyday lives. Now people of any age may shape their lives through Facebook and apart from those divisions can also restore the broken relationship with their loved ones.

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