A site not suitable for everyone? International Social Media

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site is not suitable for everyone? International Social Media

“Think globally, act locally” – The old business adage is an ancient global companies looking for their marketing efforts should not ignore when it comes to social media marketing to maximize. In order to build credibility and earn foreign interest in social media, we must act locally in exploring the world of opportunities. In order to reach the target markets in different countries, international companies to deepen their knowledge of internal social networking platforms and how different cultures use social media.

“U.S. brands looking to leverage social networks internationally know that while their messages must remain consistent, regardless of region, language, cultural reference points, platform and tactics all need to be adapted for each market,” Monty said Scott, head of social media for Ford Motor Company.

According to a study published at the end of January 2010, Nielsen observed the online social activity of consumers around the world and discovered a 82% increase in time spent on social networking sites in December 2009. But social networks are these different countries? As a cultural and behavioral shift between countries, but also a new dynamic within each social network to create a universal population is adapting what they know what they learn and experience.

Companies need to learn how consumers around the world using social media and benefit from the platforms of consumer research, launch products to import, manage crises, public relations and much more. Eg contact as the default social network for much of the West, to collect all demographic information. The same is true in China, where Facebook was banned recently (much to the dislike of our friends at the Palo Alto headquarters), and a handful of social networks to attract segmented audience, from urban youth of migrant workers. Think about it. Facebook is the largest social network globally with 500 million + active users, China has 400 million social networking profiles, without contact as its leader.

we focus on social media use in different countries, we see other established and emerging social networks that are unheard of, or not very popular in the United States. Let’s look at Brazil, the leading country in active social media use, where Google’s Orkut dominates. In fact, more than half of Orkut’s global traffic comes from Brazil, amounting to approximately 20 million monthly visits. And the declining popularity in the U.S., MySpace is the third largest Brazilian network for a few years.

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different social media usage patterns and network popularity says a lot about the Internet and the country concerned. For example, let’s look at Chinese culture. The Chinese use online video platform is very different from how Americans use YouTube. Instead of short, his stupid videos, which may be popular among YouTube watchers, social video platforms China, Youku and Tudou, filled with more content, to 70 percent of professionally produced. Users in China to spend up to one hour per day on the sites, compared with less than 15 minutes spent by Americans on YouTube. University students in China often expressed skepticism when told that their country has one of the highest levels of social media engagement in the world because they expect the United States could in the first grade.

In a demonstration conducted by Thomas Crampton and reported in an article on the China Business Review he tells of a demonstration he conducted with a class of students in China. He asked the students to put their hands when China Central Television (CCTV) in the last week saw them – no one raised their hand. When he asked who a video on Youku and Tudou looked in the past 24 hours, every hand goes up in the room, accompanied by amused laughter.

As the above anecdote demonstrates, a well-made television advertising completely wrong university students. The transition to social media does more than show the popularity of emerging media it shows new media impact on advertising and marketing industry as a whole. If we do not recognize that in other parts of the world, different platforms of the media are preferred to what we here in the U.S. tend to consume, we are missing a great opportunity for an audience. In the case of China, certain demographic does not effectively reach through traditional media channels like TV.

Finally, there is no doubt that we are in the midst of an international revolution in the way people communicate on the Internet, and marketers are constantly figuring out what this means for their market places around the world. Your international social media strategy should take account of the most popular platforms in your target market. To effectively reach other cultures through social media, we must understand that social media goes beyond Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr.

Remember – regardless of country or the social media platform, stay in line with your marketing goals. Keep the customer as a priority on every social network and in every market. That is good advice in any language.

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